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Hi, I'm proud that you're spending your time on my blog. Here you'll find many stories related to the life of a parent and a guy. You'll learn a lot here, sometimes you'll laugh, and sometimes you'll get annoyed. I want to evoke emotions in you. I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO ENJOY LIFE AND FATHERHOOD. Now, please take a look at the latest posts I've published on the blog.

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How to Survive an MRI?

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to undergo an MRI scan. I was getting my lumbar spine examined, which has been bothering me since an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. For peace of mind, I decided to have this examination to ensure nothing was wrong....

A Raisin Stuck in a Child’s Nose: How to Remove a Foreign Object from a Nostril?

I'll be honest with you; I thought I'd be spared the situation where I'd panic trying to remove something my child had inserted into their nose. It was going well for a long time. Andrzej and Ania showed no interest in exploring their nostrils with raisins, cookies,...

How to Deal with a Lack of Patience for a Baby?

I've wanted to write about the lack of patience that occurs quite often in me for some time, but something else always came up. So, I'm writing about it today, taking the opportunity while Andrzej is still a baby, because soon he will no longer be one....

How to Teach a Baby to Crawl: Step by Step Guide to Crawling

Hey there, colorful bear. You've landed here because you're wondering how to teach a child to crawl. I have good advice for you: give the child time, and they will learn on their own. Forcing them into certain activities too early might only harm them. I, too,...

How to Play with a One-Year-Old Child?

Play is the main activity and the most important part of every child's day. Depending on the age of the little one, it's worth introducing certain elements into playtime with your child that will support their development, teach them certain relationships, and open their young minds to...

Dad's Blog for Men

Honestly, I’m deeply shocked that you’ve scrolled all the way down to this part of the page. Most readers who visit blogs check out the latest posts and read those. However, I’m glad that you’re so unique and have made it here. On this occasion, I want to warmly welcome you once again to this dad’s blog for men, which I create with great passion and commitment, and I hope you’ll appreciate it.

I really care about making you feel very comfortable here. Or her, because, of course, the zbygniew.pl service is not only a portal for future and current fathers but also for moms. So, if you’re a woman, I’m even more pleased and hope you’ll visit me often.

I suspect that on this dad’s blog, I’ll write articles with which you’ll agree. Often, I’ll probably also write something with which you won’t be able to agree. But that’s normal, life is such that everyone deals with it in their own way. I’m sure that you’re doing it right and believe me, I also try to do everything that’s best for my family. Anyway, remember that this isn’t a typical parenting blog of an all-knowing Polish mother who has consumed all the wisdom of the world and is flawless on her parental path. No, this is a dad’s blog, who makes mistakes but does everything in his power to make things right. And he tries to focus not only on the child but also on other matters that give him pleasure.

I hope that we can establish a great relationship. I hope we will discuss here or on Facebook.

Oh right, I wanted to invite you to my Facebook. That’s where the center of discussion with me and my readers operates, who find it decidedly easier to communicate on this platform than on the blog.

And I’m not surprised by that.

In summary. It’s great that you’re here. Now, read my dad’s blog about children, like it, and come back to me.

I’m waiting 🙂