A Raisin Stuck in a Child’s Nose: How to Remove a Foreign Object from a Nostril?

I’ll be honest with you; I thought I’d be spared the situation where I’d panic trying to remove something my child had inserted into their nose. It was going well for a long time. Andrzej and Ania showed no interest in exploring their nostrils with raisins, cookies, beads, raspberries, nuts, or anything else. So, we lived peacefully, inserting food into the mouth, toys into boxes, and trash into the bin. But recently, something changed. And all because of a raisin. A raisin, seemingly sweet, seemingly cool, and seemingly tasty, yet this time very annoying. It so happened that our child, conducting some research, inserted a raisin into their nostril. And then couldn’t remove it. First, they tried with a finger. The situation only worsened. Then came the crying, panic, and nerves. The child ran to daddy, daddy realized what was happening, and then he himself panicked, not really knowing what to do.

How not to remove a foreign object from a child’s nostril?

I must honestly say that in my first attempt to remove the foreign object from the child’s nose, I made a catastrophic mistake. Actually, two. First, I thought it would be great if the child could blow the raisin out of their nose. The only problem was that the child couldn’t blow their nose. The result was that they sucked it into the nostril even more deeply. And I panicked even more. So, if your child has a raisin in their nose and can’t blow their nose, for heaven’s sake, don’t encourage them to try. However, I could still see the raisin. I thought it would be brilliant to take tweezers, which might be able to grab the raisin and pull it out. It didn’t work, the child panicked, and I was only relieved that I hadn’t hurt them, hadn’t further irritated the nostril, and hadn’t made matters worse. Only later did I learn that if a child has a foreign object in their nostril, you should not try to remove it with tweezers. So don’t do that, don’t make my mistake.

How to remove a raisin from a child’s nose?

Okay, let’s move on to what worked for me when removing the raisin from the child’s nose. The method is very simple.

  1. You plug the nostril that is clear.
  2. You open the child’s mouth.
  3. You bring your mouth close to the child’s and blow hard.
  4. The raisin flies out through the plugged nostril.

I checked; it works. And if it doesn’t work, don’t improvise, don’t invent a million new ways, and don’t wait for what’s stuck in the child’s nose to move further in. It could end very badly. It’s better to consult a specialist as quickly as possible, who, using the appropriate equipment and their professional knowledge, will quickly, efficiently, and safely remove from the child’s nostril whatever they managed to push in there.

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